4 Link Building Ideas For Your SEO Blog

Have you been hit by Penguin 2.1? Are you unsure how to tackle hummingbird? Read on to discover 4 powerful link building ideas that you can use on your SEO blog or internet marketing blog.

Publish A Press Release To Announce A New Post

Many bloggers believe that press releases are limited to the business world and that they do not apply to blogging, whether you run an SEO blog or an internet marketing blog. This could not be further from the truth. Many bloggers treat their site like a business both through monetization and promotional activities. As a result, it is no surprise to see the best bloggers publishing press releases on top networks like SBWire and PR Log to announce their new content. This is a great way to get Google to pick up on your new content, and it can even get you into the Google News feed, offering extra visibility which can drive extra traffic.

Ask Other Bloggers If You Can Write A Guest Post

A very popular trend in generating quality backlinks is to ask other bloggers if you can write an article for their site which includes a link back to your own SEO blog. To be successful with this tactic, you need to first build a relationship with the other internet marketing blog in question. The best way to do this is to connect with the writer in as many ways possible, for example on Twitter, Facebook and Google +, as well as becoming an active member of the community on their own blog through commenting. Once you have built some trust, you can approach them and offer writing a post for them. Suggest some topics or titles and links back to your best pieces of content to show off your writing quality.

Try Reverse Guest Blogging To Get A Foot In The Door

If your blog commands a decent amount of traffic, you should invite influential bloggers in your industry to write a post on your site. In return for your content, you should agree to promote their own SEO blog through your own channels, using social media and email marketing. So where is the benefit for you? It will be in the interest of the blog writer you have invited to write for you to direct their own readers onto your blog. The result is a wave of new readers coming to your site, resulting in a merger of the two communities and more traffic for both of you.

Posting On High Authority Sites

In the past, SEO bloggers used to write for Squidoo as it passed on page rank through links, and was seen as a high authority resource. That has now changed following the Squidoo slap, but a similar effect can be achieved now by posting high quality, unique articles to Buzzfeed, Medium.com and Storify. These sites are all high authority and can rank pretty well by themselves if your post is well optimised. This means you can drive additional targeted traffic through to your own website, internet marketing blog or SEO blog!

Why Bloggers Are SEO Celebrities

If the world of SEO had an awards night, bloggers would definitely be dressed to the nines on the red carpet with hundreds of microphones pushed their way. Why are blogs and bloggers some of the most lauded components of any effective SEO strategy, because quality content and a unique and appealing blogging style are some of the most important things when it comes to using blogs for SEO. It’s just not enough anymore to simply start a blog on your company website, remembering to include key words and provide links back to your products and services. If you are serious about attracting more and more attention to your website in an ongoing way, there are many factors that bloggers must consider in order for your blog to function as an effective SEO strategy.

Blogs are a popular and essential tool for boosting SEO because they very naturally and successfully gain the attention of search engines due their navigation and structure. The navigation system of blogs is attractive to search engines because all pages automatically link back to other main pages. Blogs are also very useful for increasing SEO because they encourage interactivity through features such as comment boxes and allow for sharing and cross-posting which are effortless and very effective SEO tactics.

However, all of these SEO boosting activities won’t happen automatically. In order to encourage visitors to your blog and their sharing of its content, blog posts must be well-constructed, informative and creatively written. In order to attract the attention of search engines, your bloggers will need to pay-attention to key word phrases and key word density and update content regularly. That’s a lot of things for bloggers to think about, and just some of the reasons which make them such an important part of your SEO team.

While innovative, unique and relevant content is one of the key responsibilities of bloggers whose focus is on SEO, quality content isn’t the only thing bloggers need to aim for. Bloggers also need to make sure that they are selecting the hottest topics on whichever particular industry they are writing on. This means researching across other web forums to get up to date with the latest news and formulating a new perspective on it before they begin composing a blog post. To boost SEO, blogs need to be on a topic that will interest the maximum amount of readers.

Bloggers also have the duty of getting to know their readers and finding out what makes them tick. For SEO, bloggers must speak to the reader in a captivating way that makes sense to them. This means that bloggers need to think about the best style of language for their particular topic and try to maintain a casual tone and use of plain language no matter how complex the topic may be. Blogs should be brief yet informative and easy to read. Finding the balance between all of these things is the challenge of bloggers everywhere and, when they succeed, is what makes them the celebrities of any SEO strategy.

A further important role that bloggers play in SEO is encouraging interactivity between customer and company. Bloggers can use their posts to pose questions to clients and ask questions of readers, thus inspiring more activity around the website and gaining valuable feedback from clients. As well as attracting the attention of search engines, this will provide the company and the blogger with ideas on how to improve content and products and services.

Bloggers are a crucial part of increasing SEO because they hold the important task of artfully combining high quality content with technical expertise to create blogs that are informative and generate a lot of valuable interest as well as profitable activity, the main aim of any company.

SEO Bloggers – A Whole New Race

Blogging started out as a hobby. Some people treated their blogs like their online diaries, only you know, public. The number of personal websites and blogs going over the net quadrupled through the years and it is now as common as a Friendster or a Myspace account. Actually, these social networking websites employed the same concept in their own websites to take part of the blogging boom. As certain personalities started emerging from the blogging world, it has become apparent that blogs have a lot of potential in driving in monetary incentives.

A lot of bloggers nowadays drive income through their blogs. Highly influential blogs and those that get a tremendous amount of traffic each day benefit from Google AdSense. Also, clients seek out bloggers to make posts for them and advertise their sites or service through a blog post.

The purpose of blogging for SEO

Then the SEO Bloggers arrived. Here you have writers creating blogs for a certain niche and optimizing every post for their desired keywords. What is the purpose of blogging for SEO? These blogs when optimized perfectly can give your main site an incredible boost through its link juice. Those who are blogging for SEO make excellent copy in their blogs. They don’t control the look and feel of their websites unless they pay for their own domain, but the content is greatly flexible and may be fully optimized for their chosen keywords.

The blog itself can be used for income rather than promotion of another website. SEO Bloggers are powerful in that sense because not only can they write articles and blog posts, they can also optimize their work and build links for it as well. Although having an SEO Blogger do all the work takes time, it cuts down on cost so it’s all a matter of choosing what the priority is.

Not just a blogger anymore

Being SEO bloggers however, strips you off a few privileges that blogger hobbyists have. For hardcore writers, they’d have to tone down their language a little bit and use more synonyms than usual. Also having a keyword optimized article would be informative but it wouldn’t be catchy. In short, it probably wouldn’t win a nobel prize. While some bloggers, those who are true hobbyists, get recognition for their work and respect from their peers, the only purpose of SEO bloggers is to look appealing to search engines and to cater to the immediate need of search queries. SEO Bloggers also have to fight the constant badgering of vigilantes against search engine optimization. Google has repeated time and time again that they are not against SEO but because of the prominence of SEO spammers in the net, people have gone weary of reporting spammers and bots. SEO Bloggers live to the challenge of proving their innocence. Even white hat SEO practitioners are constantly battling the bad rep people have associated search engine optimization with.

Some may argue that in monetizing a blog, you don’t have to sacrifice style completely. True, but similar to the case of flashy websites and search engine optimization, something just has to give. You give a little to get a little.

How to Become a Better SEO Writer

If you want to become an accomplished SEO writer, you will need to establish yourself as a freelancer SEO writer. A freelancer is a person for hire writing because they are passionate about it and want to make some money doing what they are passionate about.

Writing online and putting your articles in an article bank can make you a writer. However, if you do not have an audience or clients then being a good writer by itself will not be enough. If you want to be an accomplished SEO writer you will need to become a freelance SEO expert.

There is no quick formula for this. It will take you time, patience, and energy. SEO writing is about trial and error. Not to worry, we’ll show you some tools that can help you significantly. There is also a great deal of information online that can help you build your SEO skills. If you are really good, you’ll see the work you do appear on page one of the search engines, like Google.

SEO Optimization Tools

Let’s have a look at some of the best SEO optimization tools out there to give you a hand. We’ll look at three that are considered very valuable. Take your time and learn how to use them properly. It will certainly be worth it when you earn a reputation as an accomplished SEO writer.

SEO Blogger – This was originally designed for WordPress bloggers, it has become a well used SEO tool for keyword research and analysis.

Keyword Mixer – This is an excellent website. If you take your work seriously you will want to have a look at. You put your keywords in one column and then the other keywords in the other columns. You can also use partial sentences. Click the combine button and it comes up with an excellent list of long tail keywords for you to use.

Google AdWords Keywords Tool – This is a very popular tool because it’s such a powerful SEO optimizing tool. It can help in making your articles more targeted. Learn to use Google AdWords efficiently and you can ensure a high flow of relevant traffic. This is the type of traffic you need to really benefit the site.

There’s no magic formula when it comes to writing good SEO content. You will learn first how to write articles that will be read, and then you will learn how to incorporate keywords for search engine optimization without creating spammy content.